Blockchain in Healthcare: How it could transform EHRs, drug safety and medical reviews

Blockchain dates back to the 2000s, but it only entered the mainstream in 2017. That year, it neared the peak of the Gartner Hype Cycle, a visual index of how much attention emerging technologies garner for their business-level potential. By the end of 2017, the trading prices of prominent digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (both of which are blockchain-based) had also reached all-time highs.

The vast potential of blockchain extends to healthcare, and Advanced Medical Reviews (AMR) is prepared to explore and harness its power. AMR has always prioritized the application of innovative technologies to the medical review process, as embodied in the highly customizable data-gathering capabilities of our proprietary portal. Blockchain represents another possible step in the evolution of timely, accurate and informed reviews, based on up-to-date guidelines and peer- reviewed medical literature. More specifically, it could enable more consistent, reliable access to medical histories, even in nonclinical settings, such as physician-led case review. Click here to read more and download our latest white paper- Advanced Medical Reviews-Blockchain in Healthcare