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The Long-Term Impact of Millennials on Healthcare Services and Costs

Technology will continue to shape the future of patient interactions.

Millennials will confront mounting human and economic costs of these chronic conditions, along with emerging problems such as antibiotic resistance.

Advanced Medical Reviews Client Portal Gets a Revamp

At Advanced Medical Reviews (AMR), we believe that every patient should receive quality healthcare. To help achieve this, we strive to offer the most innovative and efficient technology, so we can mitigate human error, allow for data collection in order to spot trends, and significantly reduce the time of our users. AMR distributes an annual […]

The Actual Cost of a Medical Bill

The cost of healthcare has been steadily increasing for years, especially in the past decade as drivers such as advancement in technology and federal regulation have expanded so rapidly. While some may be inclined to pay these higher bills without scrutiny, an increasing population of auditors is starting to examine charges more carefully- and the […]