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A Closer Look at Evidence-based Medicine Benefits and Guidelines

Many tests fall under the EBM umbrella.

EBM is a major step forward from older systems of medicine such as humorism and unproven (but once commonplace) procedures such as bloodletting.

Whitepapers-Improving the Quality of HealthCare

The team at Advanced Medical Reviews (AMR) is a talented and diverse group of individuals who all work with the same intention that everyone deserves quality healthcare. AMR is not a research organization; however, over the last twelve years we have accumulated a mass amount of data from our peer review services that we believe […]

The Benefits of Opioid Review

An article published last month in the New York Times states that the sales of opioids (prescription painkillers such as OxyContin) have increased 110% in the last ten years; what was less than a $4 billion industry in 2001 is now nearing the $10 billion mark. This article is one of many that has been published recently […]