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There is Good News in Healthcare 

Jennifer Watkins, the Marketing Manager at Advanced Medical Reviews, shares a personal story about health care and how it has helped her in her mission at AMR to continue to uphold principles and beliefs in ensuring quality healthcare in this week’s “Insights From The Inside.”    Do you remember the last time you went to […]

New Technologies Being Embraced by Physicians

The health care industry is far different from what it was just ten years ago, and it will see additional changes in the next decade as well. Not only have health care and insurance laws changed, the way physicians practice medicine is evolving. Computing hardware and Internet-based technology have advanced to the point where doctors […]

New Technologies Addressing Mental Health

Mental health encompasses factors such as mood swings, stress management and more serious issues like mental illness. A 2014 study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that 43.6 million Americans over age 18 experienced some type of mental illness. This isn’t a small or insignificant problem. Individuals suffering from poor mental […]

Health Payors, Health Care professionals working together on Cancer

Historically, the public has reacted to a cancer diagnosis with special alarm: “Despite significant improvements in treating many types of cancer, the diagnosis is often received on the part of a patient and his or her family with a sense of doom and panic,” Managed Healthcare Executive recently noted.   Their health insurers, in turn, […]

Health Care Players Making Big Plans in 2015

An ongoing wave of mergers and acquisitions in health care is poised to leave fewer players on the field, where they will exert newfound heft and power. Observers are debating what role the Affordable Care Act has played in these shifts, and how a potential “arms race” between larger providers and insurers might play out […]