Monthly Archives | October 2016

Universal Flu Vaccine in the Works

We’re all familiar with the flu, the cold weather specter that sends us all scurrying to the nearest pharmacy for a yearly flu shot. The flu is mostly preventable, but the need for a yearly vaccination can become tedious, and many people skip it altogether. The reason people find themselves at the pharmacy to get […]

Issues Facing Men’s Health Today: Lack of Preventative Care

One of the ways men stay healthy throughout their lives is by participating in continuous medical care. By going to physicians they are familiar with for regular checkups, doctors are able to guide people’s behavior and health – or more importantly, notice signs of a potential problem. The point of these checkups is preventative care, […]

Issues Facing Men’s Health Today: Treatment Options

When people learn they have medical conditions, they naturally leap to the next step: treatment. But choosing the right treatment is not always a black-and-white process, particularly for men with prostate cancer. Each person’s injury or disease is affected by his or her gender, age, lifestyle and other medical needs. There is rarely only one […]

Wearable Tech: The Future of Healthcare

With the advent of such handy and on-the-go wearable tech as smart watches, Fitbit, and even virtual reality, it’s no surprise that the healthcare industry is on board with these advances. Wearable tech is often seen as a luxury, but when it comes to healthcare, what is considered a convenience now could well become the […]

New Technologies Being Embraced by Physicians

The health care industry is far different from what it was just ten years ago, and it will see additional changes in the next decade as well. Not only have health care and insurance laws changed, the way physicians practice medicine is evolving. Computing hardware and Internet-based technology have advanced to the point where doctors […]

Preventing Misdiagnosis: Biases and Patient Engagement

Even in the world of medicine, with up-to-date technology and the brightest minds in the field working to their best ability, mistakes can be made. One area that can be particularly hazy is in diagnosing a patient. Many factors can affect a physician’s diagnosis- preconceived biases, unclear communication, and even a patient’s lack of engagement […]