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CEO of Kaiser Foundation Calls for Changes in Pharma

Kaiser exec calls for changes in pharma   Roughly 25 years ago, if you wanted a cell phone, a digital camera and a video camera, you would need to shell out almost $3,000. And for your money, you’d get big, clunky devices that provided primitive results.   These days, you can buy all of this […]

Predicting Non-Adherence Could Lead to Patient Interventions

Catching a medication concern before it arises   Americans receive nearly four billion prescriptions each year. That’s a big number.   But they fail to properly use at least half of those prescriptions, or even take them at all. That’s also a big number — and a big problem for health care. Studies have found […]

Pharmacy Benefit Management Helping to Innovate Health Care

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) may not be the most visible players in health care today. But these organizations have an important position in helping control drug costs in the United States, and they continue to take on new roles.   The traditional function of PBMs – which date back to the 1970s — is to […]

Polypharmacy Affects Quality of Care for many Seniors

Medications are a mainstay in the US health care system. According to CDC statistics, three out of four doctor visits involve a medication in some way.   So it’s not too surprising that nearly half of Americans have used at least one prescription medication in the past month. Among Americans ages 60 and older, more […]