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Advanced Medical Reviews partnering with Group Health Plans

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, health care and group health plans have undergone major transformations. More than ever, insurance companies are focused on ensuring the highest quality care, and they are partnering with IROs to help them deliver that care. At Advanced Medical Reviews, we offer three basic types of reviews: medical […]

AMR Makes a Difference in Patient’s Lives

“I believe every patient deserves quality healthcare.” Healthcare is many things: one more type of insurance, one more political issue, one more thing to take care of. But it is also the most important thing, because the human experience is entirely dependent upon the human body. What are we without our health? At Advanced Medical […]

Opioids and Using Physician Led Pharmacy Reviews for Optimal Care

The release of the Pro Publica/ NPR report on workers’ compensation has spurred much debate about the state of workers’ compensation in the United States. One of the ongoing debates involved is how to effectively monitor and approve the prescription of opioids for pain management. With New York adopting mandatory e-prescriptions for controlled substances[1] and […]